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imPULSE 2.0 - interactive ECG and chest pain education. Anatomy & Physiology; Electrocardiograms; Rhythms; 12 Lead ECG's; Acute Coronary Syndrome . Create an account or log into Apex Innovations. Learn stroke, heart failure, and EKG competency. Earn continuing education credits and become certified.Interactive ECG case studies and ECG STEMI drills are promoted throughout the course and reinforced through self-testing and immediate interactive feedback.Oct 23, 2014 . This is a test I gave to PA students here in Buffalo NY. My advice is to take the quiz. Really take it. THEN, go to the answers as an active . How will I know if there are any significant changes to the materials or testing in any of the Apex. How can I reach a representative from Apex Innovations?By undergoing stress testing, your doctor can tell if your heart is being adversely. An exercise stress test, or exercise electrocardiogram, typically is used to . Demonstrates equipment tests according to manual daily test procedure.. Apex (lateral) paddle lateral to left nipple with the center of the paddle on the.Jun 24, 2010 . The pacemaker rhythm can easily be recognized on the ECG. with left axis deviation indicating the pacing lead in the right ventricular apex. . cardiologist. A basic knowledge of the ECG will enhance the understanding of cardiology (not to mention this book).. V4: on the apex of the heart (feel for it).A laboratory Blood test is helpful in evaluating the current health status.. . according to the package: ECG ,X-ray Chest , TMT (Stress Test), General Body Profile .

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